2 Studio Space

Create your own arts and crafts in a container, to sell or display, whether it’s sculpture, ceramics, photography, candles, metal or wood craft, a shipping container studio can be fitted out with everything you may need to follow your passion. Other ideas for studio space include:

  • Yoga
  • Gym
  • Music practice or tuition
  •  Dance Practice

3 Workshops

Hire shipping container workshops out to other businesses or hobbyists in need, or use it as your own. Operate your own specialist skills from one, such as a repair/refurbishment point for bikes, computers, mobile phones and other gadgets and gizmos. 

4 Event Space

Provide a space for community groups and businesses to hire out for shows, parties, festivals, awards nights and much more. You get to earn an income while they have fun. The novelty of holding an event in a shipping container offers something unique that can give you the edge on rival event spaces

5 Office Space

From a single 10ft office to running a small business from, to a bigger complex of offices where you can rent out individual units to local businesses, the shipping container office conversion is now a staple of business and commerce. 

6 Self Storage Facility

And lastly, the obvious one. The biggest use of shipping containers is still as a plain and simple storage unit. Spacious and highly secure, they are often used in self storage compounds. Why not buy a job lot of containers and run your own? After all, storage never goes out of fashion. 

Blue opened container with carton boxes inside, isolated on white background