5 STORAGE IDEAS FOR USING SHIPPING CONTAINERS Have you considered using shipping containers as storage units? Probably, not. There is an upsurge in demand for these containers as more people are discovering that they can be utilized for innovative storage solutions. After all, these huge steel boxes are the safest superstructures, therefore perfect as storage solutions.

Modified shipping containers are used in a variety of ways, namely; to store household goods, hazardous substances, industrial equipment and so forth.

1.Store Car and use as Short-Term Garaging

Kiwi households have two or more cars and often don’t have adequate garaging to accommodate all their cars. Or garages are filled with boxes and other paraphernalia. Hence, you need extra space for your vehicle. Irrespective of what your requirements are, shipping containers are a cost-effective alternative to storing your car.

2.Moving house and Safe Storage

Are you on the move? Are you moving house, downsizing as the kids have flown the nest, or giving your home a makeover and need to store your furnishings and other household items? Why not alleviate the stress associated with moving, and do so in a time-sensitive, cost-efficient manner by opting for shipping containers as a storage solution. It is portable and can be hauled onto a truck and transported to your new location. You have the option of hiring them or buying them, depending on your requirements. MK Containers offer an extensive range of sizes a per your needs.

3.Barns and Safe Agricultural/Rural Storage

Sheep farming is a significant rural activity in Malaysia as well as cattle farming in the hills and high country. Shipping container storage units might just be the perfect storage solution. Are you looking to store your valuable tools, machinery, and other farming equipment? You can design a barn using shipping containers as part of the construction. Providing a safe and secure place for your machinery and all your other farming implements and necessities.

4.Cold, Storage for Special Events and Businesses

Reefers are shipping containers insulated to use as freezers or cold storage. They are most commonly used for transporting perishable goods across the world. These insulated containers are an ideal storage solution for the events, restaurant and catering industries. These containers are transportable, adaptable and provide offsite cold storage for anyone who works with perishable goods.

5.Commercial Storage

Many businesses expand at some time or the other and might run out of space. A standard shipping container might be the answer to your storage problems, whether you need them on a short-term or long-term basis. They require minimal space, are stackable and can be used as onsite or offsite storage. They are on offer to hire or purchase and are portable