The container specialists.

The perfect marriage in a business is often sought for in today’s world as we constantly look into improvising business and increasing market strength. MK Containers Global Sdn Bhd, the birth child from two aspiring entrepreneurs have led towards the strong foothold that MK currently has in the sector they service most. MK was established in March 2014 with a sole purpose of combining experiences in the field of shipping logistics and trade businesses.


With a niche specialty in containers, MK Containers specializes in sea container trade, purchase and retail of any requested container type in response to a client’s requirement. We currently source out to companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. We look towards further expansion in the South East Asian network in the year 2017.

Wide range of containers.

We provide a range of containers types for our clients to choose from depending on their requirement such as cargo worthy containers (used for storage), sea worthy containers (used for storage in ships) and standard containers (ASIS). Elaborately, we provide different specifications of each type of containers to ensure that our client demands are well suited.


With a steady flow of business in the past two years, MK Containers Global Sdn Bhd has developed its latest entity which involves the fabrication of custom made containers to fit certain requirements of the mass market. With our main business scope rising from the retail of brand new containers and used containers. Feel free to inspect on our range of container types and uses for them too!

Company Directives


To gain the trust of our clients by proving our quality of work and efficiency both locally and in the global market.


To provide standards higher than our competitors alongside a competitive price to earn confidence from our clients.


Customer Satisfaction is our first approach at any situation and we strongly believe that unwavering support starts from pre-sales right up to after-sales.

Goals & Objectives

We look forward to provide excellence in our business performance at all times whilst taking our client requirements seriously. With optimum transparency & honesty, we believe that our clients are here to stay.

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We have a host of options available for almost any kind of containers. Feel free to browse through our services to find out more.