Best Shipping Container Conversion Café

Best Shipping Container Conversion Café

One of the really cool things about opening a cafe is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be very big, and if you can make your cafe mobile, it really opens the doors for many business opportunities, such as events and festivals. One unique option for creating a cafe is out of a shipping container, with the 20ft container being a perfect choice, although even a small 10ft container will do.

This post takes a look at the shipping container cafe and how the idea is helping to transform the world of hospitality and the coffee industry. Somewhat a novelty just a few years back, cafes made from shipping containers seem to be popping up everywhere you look nowadays – and for good reason. Increasingly more people are realizing how easy and cheap it is to construct their business premises using this material.

1. Portability. Since the café is built into the container, moving it around will just be as easy as moving the container.

This makes container cafes a more permanent version of a food truck without all the inconveniences of owning and maintaining a motor vehicle. It is the perfect solution for cafés that would want to move around to cater for events and festivals.

2. Hygiene. A cargo container café can be fitted with all the amenities of a traditional eatery including a proper kitchen with working plumbing. This ensures that food served is clean and safe for human consumption.

3. Security. Sea containers are very robust and will guarantee the safety of the supplies and equipment you store in the shop. You don’t need to worry about a place to keep your things when you close for the night; just lock up and go home.

4. Flexibility. When business picks up, it’s easy to scale up when using a shipping container as all you need to do is add another.

5. It’s a physical asset. When you rent a place, all that money you pay as rent is dead. Most of the fixtures and fittings you add to make your café fit for customers can’t be pulled down and moved to a new place if you need to relocate. With a shipping container café, the whole building is yours and can be sold or moved if you need to.

It’s your asset. We’ll take care of everything from sourcing the container (new or used) to modifications and fitting it out with all the facilities you require – your one-stop-shop for your shipping container café. Some of the common features we include for this kind of modification include • Full-length lockable, side opening doors. • Laminate flooring. • Retail-style lighting. • Complete electric packs including power, light, and heating. • Preparation areas that include worktops, sinks, and any accompanying plumbing. • Decking and awnings. Other features can be included at the customer’s request.

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