Container Conversion

Container Conversion

Why Shipping Container Offices are Perfect for Freelancers

t’s rare to find any workplace that keeps the traditional structure of a full 9-5 week being strictly in the office. With factors like childcare, commuting, accessibility and more, sometimes there are more benefits of working from home than working in the office


With the outbreak of coronavirus for example, offices like Google and Sony have decided to give their employees the opportunity of working from home to avoid spreading the virus.

We’ve put together some suggestions to consider making a shipping container your new workspace.

This leads to the next point, creative release. A shipping container office is not only sustainable and fashionable, but easily customizable and gives you freedom to spruce up your workspace as you like. Adding creative touches like pops of color, a sentimental or comedic item, or something of inspiration that resonates with you makes your space feel more personal and exciting to work in.

More comfort, more productivity. Research shows that comfort while working generates a flow of creativity, essentially opening a space for productivity. In a typical office environment, staring at 4 walls sat at your everyday desk with a monitor in front of you can get boring and feel monotonous. Working in a comfortable environment helps your ideas flow and develop, saving you wasted time and keeping your focus.


If you’re considering becoming a freelancer or you’re looking to upgrade your space as an existing one, let this article be one to inspire you! Have you considered getting your own space but also want to save money? What have we missed out that you think are important? Get in touch MK : 012-923 1919

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