Container Conversion SAlon

Container Conversion SAlon

Shipping Container Conversion Spa, Massage Amazing Use Case

Massage therapy is another type of service that can work well in a small space like a shipping container.

Simple, one-on-one service businesses can also work in shipping containers. You could use the space to set up a small hair salon. Or you could choose a similar focus, like offering manicures and pedicures.

You could even offer a more well rounded group of services by opening up a spa in a shipping container

Recycling materials for housing features shipping containers themselves saves on the Ecological footprint

We leave behind. Shipping containers can be created by recycled materials or rather up-cycled as we can reuse the entire shipping container as opposed to breaking it down and creating something else.

One misconception is that homeowners buy used shipping containers for the frame of their house. This isn’t always cost-effective.