Originally the containers were used to store and transport freight and products via road, rail, and ship

What a remarkable trend – from container bars to restaurants and drive-through coffee, shipping containers are being used for many extraordinary projects.

A shipping container can, and most certainly are, being used for many remarkable projects around the world. shipping containers sounds like a thrilling experience and a totally unique way to use containers

At MK Containers we offer container conversion services and we recently converted a shipping container to a Swimming Pool.

As you can see from the photos below the conversion’s quite extraordinary and unique and really does show you how creative you can be with shipping container conversions. We also recently converted a shipping container to an Office and Grage use, you can see photos of this conversion on our container conversion page. we only use environmentally friendly materials,

Capability to convert or design containers to suit your specific needs. Our onsite teamwork from top-class workshop facilities and are on hand to deliver your products in a timely and cost effective manner.

Past container conversions include: classrooms; offices; sleeping quarters; canteens; art galleries; bars; games rooms; bike stores; workshops; changing rooms; toilet and shower blocks; medical and gas storage units; chemical and fuel stores; secure tack rooms; stables; market stalls; mobile body storage units; exhibition stands and retail units.

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