Conversions into School

Conversions into School

Shipping Container Conversions into School

In a nationwide, the container has been turned into classrooms and administrative buildings as they are stacked. .. The humble and unsightly shipping container is making quite a splash as green designers seek to recycle them and feed the growing green movement with a variety of living spaces. College students and other young adults have snapped up the dorms and small houses that have arisen out of creative container design. As these containers continue to be outfitted and created for singles and families, they will grow in popularity and hopefully help to save the planet

More Shipping Container Conversions

In less-publicized trends, containers have also been re-fitted to become:

Cafes and restaurants

Storage units

Research labs

Water treatment units

Mobile offices

Storm shelters


Hunting camps

Surely this list will grow as green designers continue to create ways to recycle all sorts of building materials. The container has gone from rusting eyesore to trendy mobile unit in a very short amount of time.