Container Conversions into ToiletsAuto Draft

Container Conversions into ToiletsAuto Draft

Container Conversions into Toilets

A great solution when you need external toilet cabins for a working site or temporary event is to use a converted shipping container. We can supply a wide variety of portable toilet cabins in a range of sizes and layouts, from single toilet units like the one in the gallery to 20ft standard containers with multiple toilets.
These units are anti-vandal, secure and weatherproof.

This unit offers a two in one solution by providing office space and toilet facilities. This unit made from a 20ft shipping container is perfect for a remote location office.

Shipping containers are large, portable and can be modified easily to create a complete ablution block. A single shipping container ablution block can serve an entire construction site easily. Because of their durable construction, shipping container toilets can even be used as permanent units

we provide high-quality shipping containers (both new and used) and make the necessary modifications to turn them into modern, comfortable and sanitary ablution units. All this at an affordable price.