5 Advantages of a Container Garage Conversion

💸Cost effective – Generally container garage conversions are cheaper to build than a conventional housing extension.

👨‍🏭Modifications – One of the greatest parts of creating a garage with dependable shipping containers is having the ability to customize to your specific requirements.

🔐Security – You want to ensure that your vehicles and any other valuables are stored safely. Shipping containers and new build units are manufactured from robust, high grade steel and fitted with excellent locking systems.

🚛Portable – Decided to move house? You can take your container garage with you, they can be placed in a location of your choice and moved around later on if required by our professional hauliers.

❌No Disruption – Unlike traditional garages, we do not require bricks and cement (the problem being that for every tonne of cement produced, one tonne of CO2 is also produced.) not to mention that you and your neighbours won’t be constantly disturbed by builders, noise from any equipment/machinery, dust or building rubble. We complete the conversion in our depot and deliver straight to you!