Container House

Container House

Container houses in Malaysia? High functionality, low cost!

Standardized shipping trailers became fashionable not too long ago, and in fact, the origin of shipping container architecture can be traced back to the early 1960s

Malaysia is no stranger to container house either. Container resorts built in the small town

– Shipping containers are a great solution for affordable housing.

– They are easy to customise according to the owners tastes and requirements.

– They can be turned into sustainable modular structures.

– Abandoned containers are easily recycled this way. 

– Container homes turn out to be stronger and more durable than many traditional structures.

– Shipping containers are available everywhere. Sourcing it for a building material does not cause any headaches!

You too can build a stylish home using the stern steel structure of shipping containers. Check out some of these homes for inspiration—they’re delightful!


Stylish white container house

This container house is spread over three floor levels. Its walls are lined with birch plywood. You will also see an extensive use of wallpaper in its interior. As well as bedrooms, a living room, a kid’s room, a kitchen, a dining space and a bathroom, it also has an elaborate playroom for children.

A black and white container house

This black and white beauty boasts of quite a spacious interior. It occupies a 400 sq metre plot.

The second floor of this container house has been turned into a café. An ambience filled with music, movies and good cheer makes it all the more easy to savour a cup of hot sweet tea in these surroundings!

A tryst with nature

It is one of the first container houses in the region.

A green building

In homify we often speak of the necessity of building an eco friendly home. This container house, is the very epitome of an environmentally friendly dwelling. It is fitted with solar photovoltaic panels and energy efficient lighting. Besides, there are also facilities for rain and snowmelt harvesting. A separate container stands apart from the main building, and acts as a studio and home office for the owners of this container house.

COLORFUL containers

This colorful set of container houses, act as holiday rentals. They are fitted with all kinds of modern facilities. The ground floor has been turned into a spacious dining parlor to entertain the guests.