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Shipping Container House


Shipping container architecture has attained ubiquitous prominence. Using steel containers as structural elements is a very revolutionary and visionary idea. Engineers and brainy architects have the caliber to transform ordinary shipping containers into amazing homes and offices. The methodology of using steel containers is progressively embraced for being a moderate way of erecting a building structure. Container House malaysia supplied by MK Containers Global Sdn Bhd is known for strength and durability. We support and appreciate the growing use of eco-friendly container Malaysia. Our team specializes in fabricating containers by converting them into living spaces, showrooms, cabins. MK Containers has redefined shipping container fabrication:


1)Durable – The modified shipping containers supplied by MK Containers are dependable and designed to resist the harsh environment. You can also adopt our container house for secure storage.


2)Modified and modular expansion – you can combine and interlock containers thus creating a spacious model of the building.


3) Affordable cost – fabricated container house offered by MK Containers is reasonably priced. The construction cost of a modified container house is economical when compared with conventional construction. We use the advantage of easy availability of containers in our favor.


Undeniably, a shipping container home builders is a fast and surprisingly uncomplicated way to build a building structure. Container homes Malaysia supplier, MK Containers has helped numerous customers. Our team possesses strong technical know-how in cabin concept. It is our unique capability to design and build container homes in Malaysia according to key customer specifications, budget, and deadline that makes us special. All our model for Container homes Malaysia are built to ISO standards with sustainable wood flooring and anti-corrosive steel, additional security protection. If you are seeking a Container house Malaysia supplier, then MK Containers can serve in the finest manner. We have always managed to surpass customer expectation by focusing on key qualities of integrity, commitment, teamwork, and excellence.


We strive to minimize the environmental footprint while manufacturing Container Malaysia. MK containers offers a customized solution for Container house Malaysia and any shipping container solution to meet a customer’s specific requirement.


Our shipping container home builders ensure that all our modified version must be water-tight and sealed. Moreover, we verified that doors and windows of Cabin House are fully functional and withstand the changing weather.


Our high standard fabricated containers homes are aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and extremely safe to use. We have been repeatedly trying to secure excellence for creating the difference.

We at MK Containers understand that durability and portability are two of the biggest aspects of shipping container homes and we take both of these aspects into consideration to do justice to the expectations of our clients. The shipping container homes that we sell can be delivered and assembled in less than 70 days. When you order shipping container house Malaysia from us you have the liberty to pick everything right from the color of the paint to the finishes.

The prices that we charge for our shipping container house Malaysia are quite affordable and actually one of the best in the market but the price can vary sometimes because the eventual price depends on factors like location, specifics of the site and also the scope of the work. We sell environmentally friendly shipping container homes that have been made from used containers and this process we end up saving nature’s metal resources. Sometimes we use old shipping containers that are no longer in circulation and try to repurpose them into shipping container homes that can have a great appeal.