Shipping Container Leasing

We Use Second-Hand Container For Shipping Container Leasing

Shipping industry has witnessed phenomenal changes after the emergence of containers. Thus, demand for shipping container specialists has skyrocketed in last few years. MK Containers Global Sdn Bhd is a noted shipping container specialist. We provide containers that are purposely designed to resist harsh conditions. Apart from purchasing, the customers are left with the option of leasing. If you are reluctant to purchase shipping container due to miscellaneous reasons, then opt for leasing.


Shipping container leasing is cost effective and convenient method of storing products. At, MK Containers, we aim to provide an efficient, economical and dependable alternative to customers seeking best container solutions for meeting their site demands. We adhere with local rules and laws. Our experience and expertise in the container industry has allowed us to offer you with simple solutions.


MK Containers offers a large fleet of used shipping containers across Malaysia. Used containers are available in various design and different sizes, with ranging shipping container cost.


All our leased containers are in sound condition. We believe in complete transparency that is visible in our shipping container leasing procedure. MK Containers provides storage worthy container of different size. Feel free to contact customer relation department for more information about our terms and conditions, estimated price, discount offers, etc. Secure container at your space- We ensure best Shipping Container Cost on every detailed design, such as high-security locking system and all-steel design. We are striving to bring betterment in the experience of customers by offering them with striking discount offers. Feel free to contact our customer care department of MK Containers for detailed information about our shipping container leasing process.