Shipping Container

We offer a whole list of container types that are used for various purposes, to fit cargo loads of almost any size and/or type.

Dry Containers

20 HC (L 20′ X W 8′ X H 9’6) Used container (20 HC)
20GP ¬†(L 20′ X W 8′ X H 8’6) Used container(20GP)

Brand New (20GP)

Used container(20GP)

40 GP (L 40′ X W 8′ X H 8’6)Used container (40 GP)

Brand new containers (40GP)

Used container(40GP)

40 HC (L 40′ X W 8′ X H 9’6)

Brand new containers (40HC)

Used containers (40HC)

45 HC (L 45′ X W 8′ X H 9’6)

Brand new containers (45 HC)

Used containers (45 HC)

Flat Rack Containers


Flat rack containers are purposely built to support heavy load of cargo. This type of container is generally used for carrying oddly shaped cargo such as heavy machinery, drums, cables, vehicles, timber, forest products, steel coils, etc. MK Containers Global Sdn Bhd is a noted supplier of Flat Rack Containers. We are committed to provide our customers with dependable, affordable shipping solutions. At, MK Containers, it is our foremost goal to cultivate long term partnerships with clients by fulfilling their specific needs without sacrificing quality.

The specialist staff of MK Containers has made its presence felt for providing best solutions in the form of flat rack containers, sea containers and fabricated containers. We aim to come forward at the forefront of the carrier industry and adopt the latest commercial development of emerging markets. If you want additional information about flat rack containers, then feel free to contact MK Containers.

Brand new containers

Used containers

ISO Tanks

Offshore Containers

Open Top Container

Brand new containers

Used containers

Refrigerated Container