Conversion into Security Office

Conversion into Security Office

Shipping Container Conversion into Security Office

Secure construction site they require a security hut for all staff and site visitors to pass through on their way in and out of site. Instead of making all visitors report to reception, the customer asked for doors to be fitted front and back of this unit so they can use this security cabin as a gateway in and out of site for all staff and visitors. The customer will be fitting their own turn style and security desk inside the cabin to allow for people to be booked into site. We provided ply lining and insulation to help provide a comfortable working environment (without this the container may get extremely cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer months).

 We also installed one of our double-glazed window units with lockable anti-vandal shutters – a good quality window unit in widely used in anti-vandal builds. The doors used are our standard 10 point locking high security doors. They have 10 separate bolts that go from the door to the frame on all sides of the door, ensuring that anyone wanting to break in will need to expend a lot of effort and make a lot of noise – well beyond the scope of your average opportunist or teenage vandal. To finish we gave this a repaint in the customer’s choice of color giving the security hut a sleek, neat finish, and we added lifting eyes to enable delivery. Here is some picture of the outside of the completed security cabin container. We can offer customized designs, allowing for doors and window to be mounted where you need in the container, allowing you to design a unit that work best with your specific site.

 Doors can even be hinged as you request (hinges can be mounted on the left or right, doors can open inwards or outwards as required). With our electrics you can also specify the number of plug sockets, lights, heaters and other fittings and these can also be mounted exactly where you need within the container.

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