Everything you need to know about Container Doors

Everything you need to know about Container Doors


In the shipping industry, the most common object used would be the shipping containers, but did you know there are about 3 main types of container doors you can use for your containers? Furthermore, what are the different things that are commonly found on the back of container doors? Everything you need to know about them will be found here.

These Doors are much more commonly seen. They are more secure due to the inclusion of more locks, and are usually seen on shipping containers.

Description: Thick corrugated steel, rubber seals, two locking bars
Advantages: Watertight and very secure
Recommended for: Heavy-duty storage, especially construction sites


What are the signs printed on the back of container doors?

Shipping container doors often times have things printed on them. Some are quite easy to understand such as the company logo and the weights. But what about the rest of the signs?

These signs represent:

  • A) Container Number
  • B) Check Digit
  • C) Container Owner or Shipping Line
  • D) ISO Code
  • E) Max Gross
  • F) Tare Weight
  • G) Net Weight
  • H) Cubic Metre
  • I) Classification Society Label
  • J) Certifications

Some containers transporting chemicals or other items will have indicative signs on the back of container doors so that the handlers know how to handle them. 

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