Kami mempunyai pelbagai penyelesaian fabrikasi untuk kontena. Beritahu kami penyesuaian anda dan kami akan selesaikan kerja untuk anda.

Purpose-Engineered –Container Fabrication and Solution

At MK Containers, we fabricate containers based on standardized reusable material that is known for efficient, safe and secure storage. Our Container Fabrication engineers make sure to build an extremely secure and watertight storage solution giving end users peace of mind. Our storage containers can easily be reused, relocated, or expanded to meet all your future requirements. The Container Fabrication specialists provide agricultural containers, multistory assembly, residential housing, locker/laundry rooms, military training facilities, cold storage, gym setup and so much more. Designed to serve more than one purpose, the airtight container is energy efficient, can be modified to include electrical/lighting, plumbing, insulation, shelving, kitchenettes, and everything you require as per the preferred situation.
We collaborate with you thoroughly and assess all your needs to format the best plan of action to meet your application.

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