Shipping Container Conversion in to Farmhouse 

Shipping Container Conversion in to Farmhouse 

Containers are “virtually indestructible”. Shipping containers are designed to bear heavy loads, withstand harsh climatic conditions, as well as rough seas and can also easily be stacked one on top of the other to create multi-story homes. Their structural stability makes such homes earthquake and hurricane proof, which makes them extremely safe for natural disaster-prone areas.

Ease/speed of Construction: Building a housing structure out of a shipping container takes roughly 2-3 weeks in comparison to brick and mortar structure which takes around 4-6 months to make. Most structures can be assembled within a day or so, if all the pieces have been cut off site which is in equivalence to prefabricated structures. 

Safety: A major problem with remote and rural infrastructure is the risk of break-ins. Containers need a blowtorch or dynamite to break into, and are too heavy to lift up and make-off with without anyone noticing. This contributes to making it a safe structure for use in remote areas. 

Insulation and Heat Control: Shipping containers are large steel boxes meaning that they absorb and transmit heat and cold very well. This leads to the problem of controlling the temperature inside. This can be solved by using the correct type of insulation and paint although it can also lead to non-environmentally friendly solutions like energy consuming ACs. Insulation can also further reduce the already limited interior space of the container. In order to increase space, multiple structures can be joined together on-site.

Refurbishing: Many used shipping containers are old and nearing the end of their life span. Used containers tend to rust quickly because they have been scratched or dented while serving their primary function.  If the container is re-painted every few years, it can last a minimum of 20 years and much more. 

Our team came up with some concept designs and it all went from there.

  • Built from 20ft opensider container
  • Electrics fitted for fridge and TV
  • Painted in attention-grabbing orange
  • Supplied with our bespoke shelving solution