Shipping Container Leasing

Shipping Container Leasing & Second-hand Container


Shipping container is not mere a steel box used for transporting goods. Container is effectively used on land and at sea with equal ease. This sturdy structure can be impressive used for variety of purposes. The growing usage of shipping container has given birth to architectural trends. Today steel containers are used for arranging temporary storage, building sites, portable ablution facilities, providing realistic training facilities, etc.


Many companies prefer to purchase shipping containers but there are many who opt for container leasing. Shipping container leasing is cost effective and practical alternative. MK United Resource is into shipping container leasing business. We provide containers on short, mid and long term basis. Container leasing means entering into working agreement with container supplier. It includes understanding that containers would be used for specified time interval.


MK United Resource is a noted container specialist, familiar with key customer requirement. We are a dependable source for second-hand container. There is a burgeoning market for used shipping containers. All used containers supplied by MK United Resource are personally inspected carefully. We only supply such containers that are in sound condition. MK United Resource is aware with the fact that exorbitant cost of brand new container has astronomical cost. Utilizing used or second-hand container is cost effective alternative. This option is ecofriendly as it reduces material wastage.


Feel free to contact the customer care department of MK United Resource to place request for any specialized container. Whether our customer is seeking used cargo worthy container or sea worthy container in good condition, MK United Resource would be happy to extend its helping hands.