Transportation Service

Transportation Service

Transportation Service Available (Trailer Container, Side Loader Container)


Side Loader Container Truck Where is it used? The field of application of this type of cargo handling system is wide, as wide as the use of the container for transporting goods. Railway transfer Because it does not require a lot of expensive infrastructures, just enough space to load or unload the wagons. Container loading The self-loading and unloading capacity of a container eliminates the need for forklifts and other heavy equipment available at both ends of the container route Industrial Transport Services producing companies use these vehicles for their merchandise.

Intermodal transportation characterized by a frequent transshipment of cargo between roads and railways and because it requires an uninterrupted transport chain.

A few things to be aware of with side loaders -Sideloaders are not as maneuverable as standard forklifts (although multidirectional sideloaders offer advances in this area) -Sideloaders is a specialized machine. -While they are great for long or awkward loads, think about what else you are trying to move and whether you need your machine to handle different types of loads, or whether a combination of different equipment would work best. -Another alternative to a side loader is a multidirectional forklift, such as the range from Combilift, which offers the benefits of a side loader and standard forklift.